Common Problems to Remedy Now

Hardwood is definitely a stylish material to finish your interior’s flooring, as they’re for sure an elegant and exquisite choice. With such greatness, however, comes a few disadvantages you’d have to overcome. Hardwood is definitely not immune to any natural deterioration as it ages, so make sure you’ve done the work in maintaining it. Otherwise, there can be several issues that can come up. If any of the following are present, a reliable hardwood floor refinishing may be in order:

Squeaking Floorboards

Squeaky floorboards are definitely the work of excess moisture and water within the wood. Since moisture can make wood expand, individual panels can brush up with each other, causing noisy squeaks as you step on them. If your hardwood has become damaged like this, it may be time to redo them and apply a hardwood floor refinishing to restore their previous appearance.


Heat and humidity have the opposite effect on wood, making them shrink instead of expanding. Too much of it can create gaps between individual panels. Inconsistent heating in areas of your property is definitely the cause of this. You may need to refinish your hardwood so that they’re sealed and protected from heat or moisture.


Buckling can occur when your floor becomes too wet, either from spillage, leaks, or flooding. When this happens, it can break away from the subflooring underneath, which will also allow loose nails to emerge. Be sure to hire a service for hardwood floor repairs and refinishing.


Another nasty effect of moisture on wood is to make individual floorboards expand and rise up. Aside from squeaky noises, they’ll look as if there are sections that look like they’re bubbling up. For this, you may need repairs and refinishing.