When Floor Needs to Be Refinished?

The Right Time to Call a Residential Floor Refinishing Service Provider

Just like all other building materials in our home, the flooring will also reach the limits of its wear and tear, especially if it is hardwood. One way to bring back the original look and shine of your flooring is through the process called refinishing. Unfortunately, only a few homeowners know when to refinish their floors. Here are some indications that will tell you that you need to call a residential floor refinishing service provider.

Lots of scratches

It is the most common reason why establishment owners refinish their floors. As years pass by, floors get scratches, which can be removed easily using sandpaper. If the scratches are too deep and sanding will no longer work, consider refinishing the entire flooring. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to do refinishing every time you see scratches on the floor.

Discoloration due to extreme heat

Floor areas that are near the windows or near clear sliding doors easily fade off, especially when exposed to the direct heat of the sun. You can do sanding so that the discoloration matches the rest of the floor, which consumes a lot of time and effort. If you want to avoid the stress and frustration brought by sanding, hire a floor refinishing company.

Water damage

It is only applicable to floors with less water damage. Floors that start to warp or cup can be flattened again through sanding and applying a new finish. For severe water damage, experts highly recommend that you change the entire flooring of your establishment. It is to avoid compromising the structural integrity of your establishment.