We will move anything that one man can move. We do not move beds, antiques, chest-of-drawers, breakables, or electronics. Keeping the above in mind, we suggest the following to prepare for your carpet cleaning.

  • Turn A/C down around 65 degrees because you want to create a dry, cool environment in order for the carpet to dry in a timely manner.
  • Carpet may be damp for 4 to 12 hours after cleaning. We suggest light traffic and to be careful walking from carpet to tile areas to prevent accidents.
  • You will need to pick up everything off the carpet area where we will be cleaning. Smaller furniture may be moved to an area we are not cleaning, such as a tile area.
  • If the carpet has not been vacuumed in a week or more, vacuuming before we clean will result in a cleaner carpet.
  • Remove all items off anything you wish the technician to move and clean under, such as end tables and night stands.
  • If the house is empty, we will need the water and electricity turned on. This will allow the carpet to dry in a timely manner to prevent any mildew problems.
  • Please make arrangements for pets to be in the back yard or in a room that we are not cleaning. The door that we use to bring in the hoses will remain open until the cleaning is completed.

DRY TIME – Can range from 4-12 hours. Make it 68-70 degrees in house & turn on ceiling fans. Be careful going from carpet to non-carpet flooring (slippery). Dry times can vary based on Quality of carpet, Air movement & condition of carpet. 

SPOTTERS – Over the counter products are the worst thing to use. What they do not lift, they have tendency of setting the spot (may not be removable). They leave residue which acts like a magnet for dirt or may cause browning. We suggest Vinegar & Water ONLY. 
WICKING-Spots that re-appear as carpet dries. Damp carpet is pulling spot/spill/soil from padding. 

BROWNING – Brown/yellowing appearance as carpet dries. Causes: Slow drying-tightly woven carpet, high alkalinity-spotters used prior to our arrival or extremely dirty carpet.

PET URINE – When animals urinate on carpeting, it goes thru carpet backing & into the padding. The steam will penetrate & activate the urine smell. Smell should dissipate within a few days.

FILTRATION LINES – Dark lines along walls, by doors that are kept shut, & more. Their makeup is oily and the molecules of the soils are so small that cleaning/removing them from fibers is difficult.