Stairs & Railings

It is pretty standard for homes to have carpet installed on the stairs and over time, the carpet begins to look worn and matted down. Hardwood stairs & railings are a much more durable option.

Custom Hardwood Stairs & Railings

For many people, installing a hardwood staircase can add a beautiful and dramatic focal point to their home. MASTERS FLOORS Hardwood Flooring can install either wood or decorative metal spindles to complement your hardwood staircase. We also have the ability to install curved staircases and to bend railings.

If you are concerned about traction on your hardwood stairs, we can install an anti-slip finish for extra safety.

Hardwood Staircase Refinishing

Our process for refinishing hardwood staircases is quite extensive and designed to give you the best results. It is in accordance with the highest industry standards as MASTERS FLOORS Hardwood Flooring has made a commitment not to skip any steps, regardless of the situation.

First, we remove the existing stair cover (if any) as well as the existing treads and risers. We do this because your new hardwood staircase must be leveled, and there just isn’t a good way to do that without getting down to the actual stair stringers.

Secondly, we level the stairs by trimming or building up each stringer. It is very important that the stairs be level both vertically and horizontally.

After we box in the stairs with plywood, we apply glue to the stringers and attach the plywood with heavy-duty screws to avoid squeaking stairs in the future.

Next, we install the treads. Since the plywood is attached well with screws, we do not fasten the treads and risers with anything but glue. This means you will have absolutely no visible nail holes in the stairs of your new hardwood staircase. Also, we ensure the stairs will not squeak or move by using a dado and shouldering system. Every tread and riser is actually locked into the one above and below, giving you a very solid, squeak-free stairway.

Finally, the stairs are completed with the color and finish of your choice. We also trim the stairs with cove molding to give them a beautiful finished touch.

Custom Hardwood Stairs & Railings in New Jersey And Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to add a beautiful hardwood staircase to your home, call MASTERS FLOORS Hardwood Flooring today for a free estimate at (908) 230-0408